HydroNET is a web-based decision support system that empowers over 4000 water professionals with an integrated online water management solution. HydroNET combines weather & water data with models and knowledge to generate personalised overviews, forecasts and warnings tailored to your and your stakeholders’ needs. With this system you can take well-informed, transparent and accountable decisions for managing your water resources and share the information with your stakeholders and partners. This way we contribute to water-safe environments with sufficient clean water for all.

>500 South African weather and water professionals

benefit from HydroNET

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How HydroNET can help you

  • Improve your insight. Easy access to live data from data sources from different organisation
  • Stop searching for data. Find the information you need in your control room
  • Increase awareness. Share information with your stakeholders
  • Save time. Report the status of your water system in one click
  • Be in control. Keep an eye on your water system and receive timely alerts
  • Make transparent and accountable decisions. Easily replicate dashboards and reports
  • No IT-hassle: No hardware needed. Free software updates. Available on any device – anywhere, anytime
  • Join 2500 users worldwide: Proven software co-created with water professionals.


Who benefits from HydroNET

  • HydroNET Partners
  • Local partners
  • Software providers
  • Public organisations
  • National Weather Services
  • Research institutes
  • NGO's
  • Data(base) providers

  • HydroNET Users
  • Operational water managers
  • Disaster managers
  • Researchers
  • Modellers
  • National Weather Services
  • Weather sensitive businesses
  • Consultants
  • Planners and policy makers

Leading organisations trust HydroNET

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