HydroNET in the media: Wildlife Ranching Magazine

In Wildlife Ranching Magazine’s second issue of 2018, the article ‘When every drop counts’ by Michelle Hartslief (SAWS) has been published. In the article the need of reliable information on historic, current and forecasted weather information for all farmers in Africa is pointed out.

For the entire African continent, a significant amount of weather-related data is available, but these data sources are often not accessible for the water and agri-industry. As a result, every year, for millions of farmers, crop production is unnecessarily limited.

The article describes how HydroNET can help making these data available for farmers through three products: the RainMap App, the Weather Stations App and the Forecast App. In the article, these available HydroNET products are described in detail how they can help millions of farmers making decisions on their crop production.

Furthermore, the Rain4Africa Project is described. Within this project, the HydroNET solutions are further optimised to meet the needs of the agricultural industry. The article highlights the benefits and needs for the different user groups: small-scale and commercial farmers, national weather services, application developers and weather sensitive industries. These user groups have the possibility to subscribe to services as spraying advice, weather reports, a weather forecast application and a data connection kit.

You can read the complete article here.