Weather Forecast application: be prepared for the storm

In South Africa every raindrop counts. Be prepared for the storm and optimally benefit from the rain to come. The Weather Forecast application allows easy online access to the weather forecast from the South African Weather Service, incorporated into a interactive geographical map. The precipitation forecast will be provided for any location in the country. Just click on the map, and the forecast will be presented in a graph. Use the interactive dashboard to know what is coming. Select the locations and the dashboard gives an overview of the most recent weather information on every rain storm. This way you can optimally benefit from the coming rain when every raindrop counts.

The Forecast application contains the following functionality:
• Access to weather forecasts per grid/average per polygon on an interactive map
• See what is coming via the forecast animation
• Interactive dashboard: access to the latest forecasts for any location
• Export time series to run your models
• Export time series chart to images (PNG, SVG, JPEG) or an Excel file (CSV)